Wildflowers and ferns of Kentucky .

University Push of Kentucky. USDA Forest Service. Plant of the 7 days. https://www. fs. fed. us/wildflowers/plant-of-the-7 days/asclepiassyriaca. shtml. Thank you so a lot for putting up this. It can be been so hard to locate a very good source with obvious photograph of all the unique kinds of milkweed. I’m so glad it was beneficial!!Aaaahhhhhh – lastly some excellent images to describe the milkweeds! Thank You. Thank you for examining! :)So, I planted milkweed from seed ( roadside pods) that do secrete the milky material when wounded.

Will this variety draw in and feed Monarch larva ?Yes, they will catch the attention of monarchs. Is it “ok” for me to mature milkweed from Minnesota seeds, the place I stay in California (Sunnyvale)? When I was north of Minneapolis just this past August, my mate gave me a bunch of her milkweed seeds. The pods have been substantial and the leaves roundish. I have in no way observed milkweed like those people all around listed here.

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I have slender-leafed, yellow-orange/purple bouquets I do not know species-I purchased the plant locally it could be non-native it grows again when I cut it back. Hi Jo, I apologize for my late plantidentification.co reply. It seems like your are describing Common Milkweed (asclepias syriaca) which has roundish leaves and substantial pods.

I cannot be sure without having looking at a image however. The yellow orange/purple milkweed that you have at your property is most most likely Tropical Milkweed (asclepias curassavica) In advance of planting, I would look at to see if this style of milkweed is indigenous to your location. A terrific position to test is https://www. wildflower. org/crops/ Thank you!Thank you so significantly for this. I was seeking to help two fellers with there glow and they asked me to search in the surrounding space so now I can get them but I got distracted by a three star deer and I’m absolutely sure I can get a best pelt from it. Many thanks again. Love sharpness of the shots- Thanks. Thank you for examining!I discovered a monarch butterfly in my yard. It has an injured wing.

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I attempted to build a habitat for it.

Can it take in sugar water on a cotton ball? If not what do I feed it? Any assist would be appreciated. Thank you. it eats pollen from flowers and sugar drinking water will aid there are videos on fixing wings thank you. Great job, but how about increasing on this to include all the indigenous milkweed species?I located what appears to be like like milkweed in a discipline. The leaves secrete milk but the stems are reddish the kinds in my back garden have inexperienced stems so I’m asking yourself if this is in fact milkweed or a pretender? The discipline vegetation have early white flowers, whilst my two-year old garden vegetation have by no means flowered. Thank you. I have the exact situation.

The bouquets are not what I would contact in an umbel form and they are pretty little (about one/eight inch across). Dogbane it’s possible. Do a search on Google and evaluate the photos to what you have. Dogbane is poisonous so I ripped mine out. Great put up. I haven’t accomplished the rip the leaf test however but just on the lookout at the images below, fairly positive that is what I have. SO.

NOT the a person monarchs use? Not at all? Need to I just address it as any other weed then and get rid of them? (in a poor location but I will leave them if they support butterflies. ” It’s not however flowering, with any luck , someone can reply before it does. I may perhaps not want additional of them. Many thanks. So, the milkweeds with the milky sap ARE the kinds that the Monarchs consume. The only milkweed plant that won’t exude the latex is Butterfly Milkweed and the Monarchs will nonetheless feed on this kind.

While Monarchs have choices of some varieties about other folks, Monarchs will feed on most species of milkweed. The kinds they particularly appear to like are the four pointed out on this web page together with Tropical Milkweed and Pink Milkweed. Be very careful when executing the leaf tear take a look at simply because the latex can be an irritant to skin and primarily eyes. Thanks for your query!Hey thanks for the reply. I have been carrying out some additional research on this, maybe anything that should be included listed here?

An individual above my publish talked about dogbane.

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