THC and CBD oil

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THC and CBD oil

Im yes this is simply not a brand new concern asked, nonetheless after some undesirable news a week ago We understand desire to research all avenues.

My mum had been identified as having phase 4 lung cancer tumors in Aug year( that is last)

after radiotherapy and chemo we ended up being encouraged in December the outcomes seemed to had being positive and worked because they might have hoped, unfortuitously we ended up being encouraged a week ago the cancer tumors had spread to the remaining lung, Kidney and adrenal gland. The only thing we can realize right now is the cancer tumors just isn’t treatable and awai what treatment will soon be next. We now have no right time scale etc as I’m certain is understandable ended up being a bit of a surprise.

anyhow i’ve a contact whom recommended the THC therapy which will be evidently demonstrated to have results that are really good if any you could shed any light/ experience i this that could be great.

Many Many Thanks ahead of time

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THC and CBD oil

Sorry to read regarding your Mum.

In the event that you type CBD or THC in to the “Search Forum” engine in blue beside the “Post to forum” link you’ll be able to to read umpteen threads about them.

Remember THC is a illegal substance in great britain.

Such a thing compiled by Rick Simpson, their supporters along with his imitators is suspect. Many people are making millions offering false hope based on fake science to desperate individuals. It is put by these guys definitely better than I ever could

Viewpoint might seem split online but I’ve yet to see cheap cbd oil any peer-reviewed research that is objective supports the idea that cannabis cures cancer tumors.

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THC and CBD oil

Im sorry regarding the mum too. I am therefore happy Dave responded to your post, We saw it and I also was a bit stuck. I must say I do not blame you for attempting to explore all avenues in this case and I also’m all for alternate treatments it might simply concern me personally for you not just your mum that I would be giving my dad something illegal that has no proof to work and could harm him.The implications are huge, and. Can you envisage if she reacted to it? How may you explain this 1? I’m sure you may get a prescription I don’t think in your mums case for it in very very rare cases but. Like I stated i am all for alternate medication, but i mightn’t opposed to the law. I must say I think one time that more research is certainly going into this also it may well have benefits we have been yet to realise but that is maybe not yet in my experience. It really is so very hard. We have aloe Vera plants so we make use of the fluid into the leaves if we cut ourselves etc but it is constantly copied by way of a tried and tested cooking pot of sudo crem. I’d stick to that which we know and what is available I actually would. But that’s simply my estimation and I also do actually sense for you personally. Be mindful. Xxxxxxx

THC and CBD oil

Many thanks, i do believe during the brief minute it is simply looking/ reading all kinds and seeing what exactly is what. It is nevertheless very early times so possibly I have to hold my horses to discover what are the results next.

THC and CBD oil

Many Many Thanks Dave, that’s many helpful as well as an interesting browse.

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THC and CBD oil

Hello Paul and many thanks for publishing a concern.

I will be extremely sorry to discover that your mum has stage 4 lung cancer tumors, this should be a worrying situation for you. I could completely understand that you don’t like to keep any stone unturned for your mum but actually I cannot include much as to the Dave and Migi have previously stated very well. That it is an effective treatment for cancer although you will read a lot about cannabis and its derivatives there is not really any scientific evidence to suggest.

You pointed out that this will be only something you are considering at present. It may be that there is another therapy that may be agreed to your mum but she has and how she is in her general health, I am not sure what this might possibly be as I don’t know what type of lung cancer. Therefore do wait and determine what they need to state and simply take this into account.

If your mum was thinking about using any organic or any other medicines it could be an idea that is good let among the professionals taking part in her care understand as there could be interactions with traditional medicines.

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